Spotlight on… Charles Watson

Charles Watson & Rosie Taranta on set in More Than Anything – the Movie.

Charles Watson is an eighth grader is Julia R. Masterman School. He has appeared in numerous productions at MacGuffin since 2014 including: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Part 1; a Staged Reading, High School Musical, and More Than Anything. He was the recipient of the Rising Star award in 2016.

MacGuffin Questionnaire for Charles Watson:

  1. What was it like to make your first movie?  It was an incredible experience working on my first movie. One of the shots, where I had to make a basketball shot, took around 30 tries to make! The best part is, before we had started filming, I was telling the cameraman how bad I was at this kind of thing, and I got it I on the first try! When I finally made the shot used in the film, the entire cast cheered immediately afterwards.
  2. What was it like working with Rosie Taranta? Rosie Taranta was an amazing scene partner to have. She helped me with my lines, and we had a lot of fun jokes together behind the scenes. I remember watching her challenge John Rea, the director, to a game of cards. They did multiple matches, but she won every time.
  3. What is your favorite word? Defenestration (the act of throwing out a window).
  4. What is your least favorite word? Moist (pretty common choice, I’m guessing).
  5. Relate a moment in your life where you feel you changed as a person. What was the event that caused it? On the bus ride home from an All-City choir rehearsal last year.We were all singing at the top of our lungs, and I felt I had found where I belonged.
  6. What trait in others makes you crazy? Being a show-off.
  7. What sound or noise do you love? A single water droplet.
  8. What sound or noise do you hate? Incredibly deep noises.
  9. What profession other than acting would you like to attempt? Photography, or cartooning.
  10.  What profession would you not like to do? Surgeon – I hate the sight of blood.
  11.  Who inspires you – alive or dead? Danny Kaye.
  12.  What is your favorite food and drink? Shrimp Scampi over pasta / Black-currant juice.
  13.  What is your favorite color and flower? Lime green / Tiger lily.
  14.  What are your favorite names?  Anastasia / Sydney.
  15.  What is your idea of happiness? Belting a song that’s actually in my vocal range.
  16.  What famous quote resonates with you? “I wasn’t born a fool. It took work to get this way.” – Danny Kaye
  17.  If you could come back as any person in history, who would you be? An actor on the Borscht Belt in the 50s.
  18.  Name a recent theater piece or film that moved you. Coco.
  19.  Name something that you learned at MacGuffin. You can start small, but eventually you can make your way to a larger role if you keep trying.