The 13 Clocks – A Musical Tale
Book by Colin Borden, Music and Lyrics by John Rea
Based upon the book by James Thurber
Directed by Colin A Borden
edited August 8, 2020

The show is inspired by James Thurber’s book, The 13 Clocks. It follows a down on his luck musician who gets swept up in an adventure to try and help a kidnapped princess who’s protected by a cruel and lethal Duke who wants to marry her himself. It’s filled with colorful characters including a scatterbrained tinker, a broken fairy, a cursed woman who cries jewels, a nasty henchman, a spy, ghosts, two hucksters, and a giant, eight-eyed monster called the Todal.

Basic audition information is listed below. Detailed information, including audition materials will be available very soon.

PLEASE NOTE: Participation in this production is free of charge. Actors will be expected to raise money for the production by selling patrons and ads for the program. Many costume pieces will be provided, but actors may have to contribute some pieces to their costumes. If any of this is a hardship, please speak to John at prior to the audition. Your ability to contribute these things will not determine whether or not you can participate in the production.

Audition Date
: Monday, September 14 from 4-7pm
WHERE: Use this Zoom link — HERE  Meeting ID: 822 3027 2680  Passcode: 9P5T6f
WHO: Students ages 10-18 are welcome to audition
Please fill out this AUDITION SHEET in advance of the auditions.

Audition Songs
To learn the song for the character simply click the appropriate links. There is a version of composer/lyricist John Rea singing the song, an accompaniment (no vocal) version and a lyric page. When performing the song at the audition please use the accompaniment version. Please also have the song memorized.  The lyric sheets also have specific instructions for the actors about the scene and what parts to sing.
Frozen in Time‘ – Whisper – Version Without VocalLyrics
Poor‘ – Zorn, Golux – Version Without VocalLyrics
A Good Thing‘ – Satelle, Fantanique, Oleandra – Version Without VocalLyrics
Soon‘ – Hark and Listen – Version Without VocalLyrics
Unruly Child‘ –  Duke, Krang, Boff, Tack, Todal – Version Without VocalLyrics
I Weep No More‘ – Hagga, Saralinda, Mundiya – Version Without VocalLyrics
All other parts please choose one of the following –  ‘Frozen in Time’ or ‘A Good Thing’ – see above

Dance Audition
Liz Fredette and Kayla Warren, the choreographers, have made several videos to help actors with the dance audition in advance. We will teach this routine from ‘A Good Thing’ (music is above) at the audition but some actors might find it helpful to work on it on their own. DANCE AUDITION

Rehearsals run Monday – Thursday from 6-8 PM, beginning September 21 on Zoom. Most actors can expect 2-3 rehearsals per week. We may move the rehearsals earlier in the day if actors can make that time work. 

Actors will need a 6’x6′ space in front of a mono-colored wall or sheet for rehearsals and performance recording. Actors will be asked to make audio and video recordings. Phone or computer cameras and mics are usually fine.

The edited production will air sometime in December or early January.

The parts are listed below.


Leading Characters
XINGU/ZORN of ZORNA, a young, down on his luck musician who impersonates a prince, our hero
THE GOLUX, a tinker with transient faculties, quick friend of Xingu/Zorn
THE DUKE, the cold and brutal ruler of Coffin Castle, also held by a spell, our villain
SARALINDA, a young princess under a spell and held captive by the Duke
SATELLE, an imprisoned, broken fairy, sent to rescue Saralinda
WHISPER, the troublesome ghost of a young girl that the Duke has killed
LISTEN, an ex-spy, presumed dead, hiding out in the dungeon, secretly in love with Hark
HARK, the Duke’s spy-in-chief, a double agent, secretly in love with Listen
KRANG, cruel, brown nose captain of the castle guard

Secondary Characters
FANTANIQUE, the world’s finest seamstress, imprisoned
OLEANDRA, a prince’s handmaiden, imprisoned
BOFF, guard, likes to keep it light
TACK, guard, Boff’s partner

HAGGA, a young peasant woman cursed to cry jewels (2 songs)
MUNDIYA, a tempestuous witch and spouse of the Golux (1 song)
THE TODAL, a clever, female monster with 8 eyes and a giant mouth full of teeth (2 songs)
HELICA, owner of the Silver Swan, a peacemaker
FINIA, a flirtatious local
PEND, a prejudiced local
BALAN, a jovial local
SPICKET, purveyor of fine tours, a huckster (1 song)
TAREN, purveyor of finer tours, also a huckster (1 song)
TIPPET, young girl, a know-it-all
MOMMA, Tippet’s long-suffering mother
MOTHER, Xingu’s hardened mother
THE QUEEN OF YARROW, Saralinda’s worried mother

Chorus of Wizards, Townsfolk, Ghosts, Eyes and Soldiers

Auditions for 
The Singin’ Bohemians Cabaret Troupe* 
Directed by John Rea, Choreography by Liz Fredette
When: Tuesday, September 15 at 4 PM
Where: Use this Zoom link — HERE
Please fill out this AUDITION SHEET in advance of the auditions.

Performers between the ages of 12 and 18 should prepare a Broadway song that shows off their range and talents. Karaoke or recorded piano tracks should be used for accompaniment. Be prepared to play the song from your computer when you sing. Please perform in front of a mono-colored wall or sheet. There will also be a dance audition led by choreographer, Liz Fredette. 

Auditions for 
This Side Up Comedy Improv Troupe*
Directed by Jen Jaynes
When: Tuesday, September 15 at 6 PM
Where: Use this Zoom link — HERE
Please fill out this AUDITION SHEET in advance of the auditions.

Actors between the ages of 12 and 18 will perform comedy improvisations with the current members of This Side Up. We recommend watching the tv show ‘Whose Line is it Anyway’ to get the feel for the kind of improvisations you’ll perform. Please perform your audition in front of a mono-colored wall or sheet.

Auditions for
The Mechanicals Acting Troupe*
Directed by Liz Fredette
When: Thursday, September 17 at 4pm
Where: Use this Zoom link — HERE
Please fill out this AUDITION SHEET in advance of the auditions.

Actors between the ages of 12 and 18 are welcome to audition. Please prepare a 1-2 minute monologue.  Actors should perform their audition in front of a mono-colored wall or sheet.


* All of our troupes are both elite training programs and performance troupes. In addition to rehearsing and performing in and outside of our community, troupe members function as ambassadors for MacGuffin and leaders within our program.

Troupes rehearse on Saturdays following our class session schedule:

The Mechanicals Acting Troupe 1-2:30 PM
This Side UP Comedy Improv Troupe 2-3:30 PM
The Singing’ Bohemians 2:30-4 PM

Tuition for the Troupes is $250 each for the fall and winter sessions and $150 for the spring session.

For more information, please check out our Troupes page or contact Associate Artistic Director, Liz Fredette at