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Donors since August 1, 2019!

MacGuffin Theatre & Film Company is incredibly grateful to these stellar folks and organizations for their support. We thank you for partnering with MacGuffin in its mission to grow actors – the future stars of our community! Would you like to join us?

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Support provided in part by the Philadelphia Cultural Fund

Amazon Smile
Cigna Foundation
Elsevier Foundation
MAJiK Foundation
PEW Charitable Trust
PHA – Adult Medicine
Winifred M Gordon Foundation
Wyncote Foundation
United Way

Phoenix Constellation (10,000+)
Judy & Peter Leone Foundation
The Riccardi Family
Erica & Anthony Salvi

Orion Constellation (5,000-9,999)
Salem Shuchman & Barbara Klock Family Foundation

Pegasus Constellation (1000-4,999)
Marc & Kristin Attenberg
David & Nelda Horwitz
Carol Kaminski & Steve Lazin
Holly Lentz Kleeman & Andrew Kleeman
Dan & Kristin McKenna
Laurence & Judith Mester
Sharon Musher & Daniel Eisenstadt
Suzanne Simons & David Borgenicht
Joshua Zissman & Joan Becker

Andromeda Constellation (500-999)
Pauline Foley & Rick Fredette
David Hildebrand & Josh Gaddy
Darcy Krause
Mamalis/Perez Family
The Palmer Family
Suzanne Simons
Tracey Tannenbaum & Paul LeVine

Cassiopeia Constellation (300-499)

Gemini Constellation (100-299)
Meredith Brandt
Morris Kauffman
Jim & Kathy Kelsh
Quirk Books
Diane Rea
The Silverman Family
The Wills Family

Ursa Major Constellation (1-99)
The Allsopp Family
Aisha Anderson-Oberman
Daniel Bliss
Francisco Buella
Janhavi Chandra
Shakia Cheatham
Bruce Ditnes
Nydia Han
Melina Harmelin
John Haydu
Kelley Heneghan
Maria Heredia
Susannah Holub
Molly Hughes
Meera Joshi
Ann Kim
Lillian Kuretu
Paul Lichtenstein
Kristin Moses Murray
Lisa Neely
Brooke O’Harra
Michael Padula
Gonzalo Paredes
Peter Reese
Karina Reuter
Megan Rogers
Mirta Scheffer
Amber Schleicher
Elijah Verde Teel
Brandy Tobin

Donations made in honor of
Judy & Peter Leone

In kind donations
Rick Fredette
Holly Lentz Kleeman
Elyse O’Grady
Kate Riccardi
Silvana Russo
Erica Salvi
Karen Stallone

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