Auditions for More Than Anything

MTA logoAuditions for more our fall musical comedy, More Than Anything, by John Rea, will be on September 13 from 6-8 PM. Actors should memorize and prepare the numbers below. Watch Grease and sing and act like Danny and Sandy. Choreographer, Liz Fredette will lead a dance audition, as well. Actors can expect 2-3 rehearsals per week depending on their part. We rehearse Monday-Thursday from 6-8 PM. Rehearsals schedules will go out directly following casting. The performances will be:


Friday, December 2 at 7 PM
Saturday, December 3 at 7 PM
Sunday, December 4 at 3 PM

Friday, December 9 at 7 PM
Saturday, December 10 at 7 PM
Sunday, December 11 at 3 PM

Below the songs is a blurb about the show and a character breakdown. There are 31 parts. All the adult characters will be played by youth actors ages 7-11 except Midnight Cherry, who is 8 and will be played by a girl her age.

Boys – How Did I Miss Her Kiss

Here’s the song without vocal

Girls – Here I Come

Here’s the song without vocal

Lyrics for How Did I Miss Her Kiss by John Rea

Boys – Johnny-O
Why’d it happen at the drive-in on a Saturday night
With the moon shinin’ down and the mood just right
Doo-wop-a -doo How’d it come to this?
Hold on, hold on, hold on, yeah
How did I miss – her kiss?
How did I miss her kiss – yeah

Oh- she is the answer to my prayers, I’m down on my knees
Oh- am I a loser? I could-a, should-a, would-a… Why did I tease?
Oh Candy

Lyrics for Here I Come by John Rea (ignore the Johnny-O part on the recording)

Girls – Candy
Are you ready to move in my direction?
Are you ready to prove your deep affection?
Get down on your knee and get ready for me
‘Cause here I come, ‘cause here I come

I’ve been sweet and I’ve been pure
But don’t take my hand unless you’re sure
My Johnny-O, oh, oh, oh, my Johnny-Oh, oh, oh, oh—oh, oh, oh oh-

Look here and get some higher learnin’
Can you score A’s on every test?
Can you just stop your head from turnin’?
Will I stand out from all the rest?
(flirting) Do your best

For the awkward high school sophomore, Samantha, life has taken a downward plunge after the death of her soldier mother. Now in a new town with no friends she finds purpose with the help of an eccentric boy named Potter and they organize an artistic revolution to overthrow the egotistical, dictator-like principal’s choice to block production of the beloved musical, The Greasers. Propelled by her desire to honor her mother’s musical wish for her she attempts to transform herself to be able to win the leading part of the beautiful Candy. With an original ’50’s style rock and roll and pop music score this musical comedy explores what it truly means to step into another’s shoes. Book, music and lyrics by John Rea.

Teen Girls
Samantha Anderson, our hero, sophomore, feels powerless after the death of her soldier mother, lead
Daisy Maniechevitz, best friend to Potter, sophomore, the silent type but very loyal, plays the bass in the Satanic Snow Weasels, lead
Deedee Fitler, excitable, fast talking teen
Alexa Rabinovich – Bavarian girl who has a thick accent, wants to be American in every way
Sally Greene, God fearin’ country girl
Candy Saint Cloud, Afro-American, neurotic and awkward, obsessed with playing Candy in The Greasers
Jessica Bowers, reporter for the school news
Bronwyn Clark, camerawoman for Jessica, will do anything to get the shot
Midnight Cherry, 8, percussionist for the Satanic Snow Weasels, Ben’s kid sister

The Whatevers
Veronica Mathers, cheerleader, senior in high school, Queen Bee, wants to be famous, lead
Lucy Marks, cheerleader, Veronica’s sidekick, wants to be Veronica, loves her clothes and hair
Gina Maggio, cheerleader, Veronica’s sidekick, obsessed with pop culture
Bebe Ballerini – cheerleader, junior, fortune-teller from New York, part of Veronica’s group, like Luna Lovegood
Barbie Shapiro – cheerleader, junior, a “Debbie Downer”
Chelsea Smith – freshman cheerleader being hazed
Kimmy Johnson – freshman cheerleader being hazed

Teen Boys
Ben York, junior, cross-dressing lead singer for the Satanic Snow Weasels – his alter ego is Hedwig Sager, who speaks with a heavy German accent, Potter’s guru, lead
Potter Bangs, sophomore, obsessive nerd, eclectic tastes, authority on The Greasers, lead
Jaiden Brooks, football player, joining the musical to try to date girls
Martin Chapman, likes to rap and dress like a white gangster
Curly Hudson, the “stunt man” who tries to impress girls constantly
Shorty Frye – freshman, hasn’t experienced his growth spurt yet, tries to be tall to be taken seriously, still a boy soprano

Adult Men
Mr. Alexander J. Tinkerton, nemesis, principal of Alexander Tinkerton High School, like Donald Trump, lead
Simon Dean, 25, alum, went to college for musical theater but his career has gone nowhere
Steve Anderson, Sam’s father, in mourning for his wife

Adult Women
Stacey Anderson, Sam’s deceased mother, also the Narrator
Marilyn Bruce, school theater director, very excitable, a little scatterbrained
Lorna Peabody, History teacher, choreographer, former model, full of advice
Trisha Knight, English teacher, bursting with ideas
Miss Bertha Barnes – Trumperton’s loyal school secretary, she has a crush on Trumperton, his spy
Liza, Simon’s new assistant
Hillary, Simon’s new assistant