VIRTUAL Spring 2021

Registration begins February 6, 2021

Virtual Spring 2021  Schedule

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5 Weeks April 10 – May 8

Little Twisters
4-4:45pm MONDAYS – Musical Theatre featuring Mary Poppins (starting April 5) – Ages 5-6 ONLY
4-4:45pm TUESDAYS – Musical Theatre featuring The Wizard of Oz PLUS (starting April 6) – Ages 6-7 ONLY

Instructor: Emma Ditnes


YOUTH (7-10 yrs)

9am Musical Theatre Prep
Instructor: John Rea

10:30am How to Audition
Instructor: Emma Ditnes
Do you want to get the lead in your show? This important class will help you prepare for and perform to the best of your ability at an audition for a play or musical.  Learn how to present yourself in the best possible light. Scenes from contemporary plays and musicals will be used. We encourage you to try out your monologue or song in front of an audience at our Open Mic Night on May 2nd at 7 PM. The more you get in front of an audience they less nervous and more confident you’ll feel.

1:30pm Production Class featuring a short play
Instructor: Emma Ditnes

MIDDLERS (11-14 yrs) and TEENS (15-18 yrs)

9am Scene Study featuring Steel Magnolias
Instructor: Emma Ditnes

10:30am Musical Theatre Prep (MIDDLERS ONLY)
Instructor: John Rea

11:30am Musical Theatre Prep  (TEENS ONLY)
Instructor: John Rea

1pm Comedy Improv
Instructor: Jen Jaynes


OLDER MIDDLERS (13-14 yrs) and TEENS (15-18 yrs)

10-11:30am Makeup for Actors (ages 13-18)
Instructor: Emma Ditnes

“The makeup is simply an extension of the personality and colors, clothing, and makeup all express something.” – Gene Simmons

Take your character development to the next level and put your design and application skills to the test as you create a new look each week. From old age to battle scars, from fairies to the undead, from the masculine to the feminine, and so much more. Students will be responsible for providing their own basic stage makeup (foundation, blush, eye liner, eye shadow, mascara, and lip balm). MacGuffin will provide specialty makeup from the Ben Nye collection. Come prepared to create!

This class is limited to ten students—no exceptions!

1-3pm Directing Lab (ages 13-18)
Instructor: Liz Fredette

“Directing is like putting together a collage.” – Ethan Hawke.

A director’s job is the same as that of an actor…to tell a story. But while the actor tells the story from their own speaking, actions, and reactions, the director thinks about creating a living and breathing world with actors and set and props and costumes and music that should all work to support the text and story.

This class will explore the process of directing from conception to execution. Learn the fundamentals of script analysis. Practice guiding and enabling actors as they build characters. Establish the aesthetic of the design in order to create a cohesive environment that serves the play while adding your own style and point of view. Each student will have the opportunity to direct a duet of two other students from the class.

This class is perfect for actors who think they might like to direct one day or want to understand how the other side thinks.

This class is limited to nine students—no exceptions!

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Five Week Class Tuition**: $125.
**Make Up Class – $180
**Directing – $200


This video will take students through how to set up their virtual space for classes and productions. MacGuffin Virtual Space Video

Most classes are 1 hour in length except for Little Twister Classes (45 minutes)

All students will be emailed the Zoom link for each of their classes. This link will be used for all 5 weeks.

Tuition will NOT be refundable after the 1st week of classes.

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A limited number of scholarships and work/study’s are available for MacGuffin classes on a financial need basis. Learn More