More Than Anything – Movie – Production Details

More Than Anything – the Movie
Screenplay by John Rea, based on his musical of the same name
Music and Lyrics by John Rea
Directed by John Rea
Choreography by Liz Fredette
Director of Photography, Phil Aman
Production Assistant and Acting Coach, Emma Ditnes

Here are the production details so far –
– Audition: Sunday, March 12 from 5-7 PM at MacGuffin
– Music recording: starting in April all cast members will come in to record their songs at MacGuffin
– From May – August lead actors will rehearse sporadically
– Rehearsals will be for 3 weeks starting September 11. Monday – Thursday from 6-8 PM.
– Shooting will be for 6 weeks starting October 2. Final day of shooting will be November 10. We will shoot Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 5:30-8:30 PM. Sundays will be from 1-5 PM. On weekdays actors will get into costume and make-up at 5:30 PM for a 6 PM shoot start. Shooting stops at 8 PM and actors will then help clean up until 8:30 PM.
– Shooting locations – most of the movie takes place inside a school so we will be spending a great deal of time at Friends Select School (17th and Ben Franklin Parkway – entrance is in the back where the parking lot is located). We will also shoot in the homes of various cast members in the Philadelphia area. All Sunday shoots will be at Friends Select.
– Casting – outside of the roles of Daisy and Potter all parts are open. Daisy will be played by Molly McQuoid and Potter will be played by Max Mester.
– More casting – we need many actors to be students and teachers at the school. Not every role is a singing or dancing role. We need actors to walk the hallways and react to and participate in the dramatic and comic scenes in the movie.
– Screenplay – the final script will be completed some time in July and be distributed via email. As scenes are completed the leading actors will be called in sporadically to rehearse. We expect all actors to be off book by September 11, our 1st rehearsal.
– Premiere – the movie will premiere in 2 parts over consecutive weeks most likely at the International House in the Ibrahim Theatre on the Penn Campus. It will be a gala event that will take place in the spring of 2018.

Please note: We realize that actors may not know their fall schedules at the audition. We’re hoping to have the final shooting and rehearsal schedule completed by the 1st week in September. We expect actors to update the director as their fall begins to take shape. All leading actors will be expected to schedule their other events around the shooting schedule as we have only 6 weeks to complete the film.