2018 Award Winners

2018 Shakespeare Award Winners

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2018 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner – 
Molly McQuoid

Best CameoEllie McKeownOrpheus
Best Character DevelopmentOlivia McKennaMetamorphoses
Best Comedic PerformanceMax BorgenichtLegally Blonde
The Meryl Streep Acting AwardIsabella Salvi
Best Comedy Improv PerformanceJake Karwoski
Best Cabaret PerformanceMeredith Drasnin
Rising Star AwardNiamh Williams
Best Supporting Performance in a PlayMira LeVineMetamorphoses
Best Supporting Performance in a MusicalSophie BorgenichtOrpheus
The Hitchcock Award for Youth LeadershipLucy Shaw
Best Emerging Performer - YouthSerena Krouk
Best Emerging Performer - TeenSophia Johnson
Best Leading Performance in a PlayElena Eisenstadt
Ava Lazin
Best Leading Performance in a MusicalBrenden Dahl
Jakob Kleeman
Avenue Q
Avenue Q
Lifetime AchievementMolly McQuoid
Best EnsembleAvenue Q