25th Annual Shakespeare Awards – You’re invited!

Nominations Announced for MacGuffin’s
25th Annual Shakespeare Awards for Excellence in Acting

All are welcome to attend our annual Shakespeare Awards! Each year MacGuffin celebrates the acting achievements of our amazingly talented actors. Actors who’ve participated in our productions in 2023 have been considered for nominations. Essentially, it’s our version of the Tony Awards. It’s a wonderful evening of celebration and remembrances. This season we’ll be celebrating 5 seniors: Josie Guttman, Sophia Johnson, Gwen Kapusinski, Niamh Williams, and Julie Zesinger. The details for the ceremony are spelled out below including the award nominations.

The ceremony will feature musical performances and video clips from our 2023 productions. The awards will be handed out by MacGuffin alumni, teachers, and board members.

Ceremony Information
Date: Saturday, January 13
Time: 7 PM
Location: University of the Arts, Caplan Recital Hall, 211 S Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19107 (17th floor). It’s between Walnut and Locust Sts. on Broad Street,
Dessert Reception just outside the Caplan Recital Hall
Dress: Fancy awards attire – be creative and fun.
Admission: $25 for Adults and Students, General Admission (includes the reception)

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Productions in 2023
Snow Family
Why Mosquitos Buzz in People’s Ears
Pyramus and Thisbe
The Great Fruit Escape
Alice in Wonderland
The Odyssey
Via Dolorossa
101 Dalmatians
The Jungle Book
The Play We’re In
What the Constitution Means to Me
The Bees (Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday casts)

25th Annual Shakespeare Awards Nominations

Best Cameo
Harrison Rittenhouse for What the Constitution Means to Me
Elijah Teel for Chicago & 101 Dalmatians
Ari Eisenstadt for The Odyssey
Kaya Zibelman for Chicago

Best Comedic Performance
Meital Frankel for Chicago
Leo Gade for Chicago
Ziahn Sebastian for The Odyssey
Niamh Williams for Chicago

Meryl Streep Acting Award
Ari Eisenstadt
Leonor Pheulpin
Niamh Williams
Julie Zesinger

Best Comedy Improv Performance
Alex Jacoby
Gwen Kapusinski
Elijah Teel
Amos Wolfe

Best Cabaret Performance
Josie Guttman
Sophia Johnson
Zoe Palmer
Kaya Zibelman

Best Emerging Performer Youth and Teen
(announced at the ceremony)

Rising Star Award
Ariadne Di Guilio
Halle Freeman
Scarlett McCaffrey
Isaac Trooskin

Best Character Development
Juliana Atkinson for Annie
Josie Guttman for Chicago
Zoe Palmer for Sorceress
Elijah Teel for The Odyssey

Best Supporting Performance in a Play or Film
Alice Allsopp for The Odyssey
Ari Eisenstadt for The Odyssey
Ziahn Sebastian for The Odyssey
Izzy Silverman for Alice in Wonderland

Best Supporting Performance in a Musical
Harriet-Noni Johnson for The Bees
Serena Krouk for Sorceress
Pria Lipkin for Chicago
Vera Staszewski for Sorceress

The Hitchcock Award for Youth Leadership
Juliana Atkinson
Sydney Giacobbe
Scarlett McCaffrey
Adalene Rohlfing

Best Performance in a Play or Film
Isabel Attenberg for The Odyssey
Sophia Johnson for The Odyssey
Mira LeVine for The Odyssey
Sophia Mamalis for The Play We’re In
Niamh Williams for The Odyssey

Best Performance in a Musical
Meital Frankel for Chicago
Zoe Palmer for Sorceress
Izzy Silverman for Sorceress
Niamh Williams for Chicago

Senior Recognition and Farewell
Josie Guttman, Sophia Johnson, Gwen Kapusinski, Niamh Williams, Julie Zesinger

Caplan Recital Hall at The University of the Arts