23rd Annual Shakespeare Awards Invitation and Nominations

Join us and celebrate our 23rd year of theatre and film!

MacGuffin’s 23rd Annual Shakespeare Awards for Excellence in Acting

All are welcome to attend our annual Shakespeare Awards! Each year MacGuffin celebrates the acting achievements of our amazingly talented actors. Actors who’ve participated in our productions in 2021 have been considered for nominations. Essentially, it’s our version of the Tony Awards. It’s a wonderful evening of celebration and remembrances. This season we’ll be honoring 6 seniors, Max Borgenicht, Meredith Drasnin, Sebastian Paredes, Roya Reese, Isabella Salvi, and Charles Watson. The details for the ceremony are spelled out below including the award nominations.

Date of Ceremony: Saturday, April 2, 2022
Time: 7 PM
Place: Friends Select School, 17th & Ben Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, (entrance at the rear of the school on 16th and Cherry Sts.)
Dress: Fancy awards attire – be creative and fun!

Admission:$25 per person
Tickets on sale now!

We’ll have video presentations including our annual Year in Review, a medley of songs and scenes from 2021, Senior Salutes and our Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Celebration. We will also present a new award honoring an actor who has shown excellence in dance, fight choreography or transformative character movement. It’s called The Susan Stroman Award for Interpretive Movement. Alumni and MacGuffin instructors will be presenting the awards.

Congratulations to all the nominees!

Best Cameo

Gwen Kapusinski – Pippin

Zoe Kyriakakis – The Brutus Files

Hunter Silverman – Matilda

Izzy Silverman – Matilda


Best Comedic Performance

Max Borgenicht – Pippin

Alex Jacoby – The Vaccine

Sophia Johnson – Matilda

Gwen Kapusinski – Matilda


Meryl Streep Acting Award 

Isabel Attenberg

Sebastian Paredes

Isabella Salvi

Kit Schlaak


Best Comedy Improv Performance

Meital Frankel

Gwen Kapusinski

Maria Perez

Charles Watson


Best Cabaret Performance

Meredith Drasnin

Mollie Kenney

Roya Reese

Gabriel Riccardi


Rising Star Award

Sho Huebner

Coralie Lyford

Lani Okewole

Elijah Teel


Best Character Development

Meredith Drasnin – Matilda

Sophia Johnson – Matilda

Serena Krouk – HSM2

Niamh Williams – The Vaccine


Best Supporting Performance in a Play

Mollie Kenney – The Brutus Files

Roya Reese – The Brutus Files

Kit Schlaak – The Brutus Files

Niamh Williams – The Brutus Files


Best Supporting Performance in a Musical or Film

Sophia Johnson – Pippin

Gwen Kapusinski – Matilda

Olivia McKenna – HSM2

Julie Zessinger – The Vaccine


The Hitchcock Award for Youth Leadership

Alice Hayes

Izzy Silverman

Vera Staszewski

Kaya Zibelman


Best Emerging Performer

This award honors a youth and a teen who show great promise in acting


Best Performance in a Play

Isabel Attenberg – The Brutus Files

Max Borgenicht – The Brutus Files

Elena Eisenstadt – The Brutus Files

Mira LeVine – The Brutus Files


Best Performance in a Musical or Film

Meredith Drasnin, Mira LeVine, Isabella Salvi – Pippin

Roya Reese – Matilda

Gabriel Riccardi – Pippin

Kaya Zibelman – Matilda


Senior Recognition and Farewell

Max Borgenicht, Meredith Drasnin, Sebastian Paredes, Roya Reese, Isabella Salvi, Charles Watson


The MacGuffin Award for Lifetime Achievement


Best Ensemble

Snake Bait

The Vaccine


The Tragedy of Julius Caesar: The Brutus Files

Schoolhouse Rock LIVE!

Disney’s High School Musical


Slam Poetry

The Play We’re In