21st Annual Shakespeare Awards – Announcement

MacGuffin’s 21st Annual Shakespeare Awards for Excellence in Acting

All are welcome to attend our annual Shakespeare Awards! Each January MacGuffin celebrates the acting achievements of our amazingly talented actors. Actors who’ve participated in our productions in 2019 have been considered for nominations. Essentially, it’s our version of the Tony Awards.  It’s a wonderful evening of celebration and remembrances. This season we’ll be honoring 12 seniors, the largest graduating class we’ve ever had at MacGuffin. The details for the ceremony are spelled out below including the award nominations.

Date of Ceremony: Saturday, January 11, 2020

Time: 7-10 PM

Place: Friends Select School, the free parking lot is on the corner of Race and 16th Streets. Come up Race Street. Go in that back entrance. Follow the hallway straight until it ends and then make a left and go all the way down almost to the doors. The theatre is on your right.

Dress: ladies in evening dresses, gentlemen in suits

A reception will follow in the lobby with desserts and drinks.

Admission: Adults $20, Students $15 – tickets may be purchased HERE.

Shakespeare Awards Nominations 2019

 Best Cameo

Addie Krause – Little Women

Zoe Palmer – Little Women

William Perez – Little Women

Natalie Vollmer – Little Women


Best Character Development

Gigi Buella – The Lion King

Jakob Kleeman – Little Women

Mira LeVine – Urinetown

Olivia McKenna – The Lion King


Best Comedic Performance

Max Borgenicht – Urinetown

Gwen Kapusinski – Shrek

Mira LeVine – The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)

Maria Perez – Shrek


Meryl Streep Acting Award

Sophie Borgenicht

Lily Cohen

Max Mester

Niamh Williams


Best Comedy Improv Performance

Rachel Burnett

Brenden Dahl

Henry McCullough

Ellie McKeown

Rafi Mills

Lex Meisel


Best Cabaret Performance

Meredith Drasnin

Sophia Johnson

Jakob Kleeman

Ava Lazin


Rising Star Award

Isabel Attenberg

Isabella Silverman

Caroline Vollmer

Vivienne Young


Best Supporting Performance in a Play

Brenden Dahl – Hamlet

Elena Eisenstadt – Hamlet

Ava Lazin – Hamlet

Mira LeVine – Hamlet

Niamh Williams – Via Dolorosa


Best Supporting Performance in a Musical or Film

Mollie Kenney – Little Women

Jakob Kleeman – The Sound of Music

Isabella Martorano – The Sound of Music

Roya Reese – Little Women

Niamh Williams – Little Women


The Hitchcock Award for Youth Leadership

Sonia Borish

Matilda Ghosh-Poulshock

Olivia McKenna

Elijah Teel


Best Emerging Performer

This award honors a youth and a teen who show great promise in acting


Best Performance in a Play

Sophie Borgenicht – Hamlet

Lily Cohen – Hamlet

Molly McQuoid – Hamlet

Max Mester – Hamlet


Best Performance in a Musical or Film

Meredith Drasnin – Little Women

Elena Eisenstadt – Urinetown

Sophia Johnson – Shrek

Ava Lazin – The Sound of Music

Gabriel Riccardi – Shrek


Senior Recognition and Farewell

Sophie Borgenicht, Rachel Burnett, Lily Cohen, Brenden Dahl, Jakob Kleeman, Ava Lazin, Max Mester, Henry McCullough, Ellie McKeown, Lex Meisel, Rafi Mills, William Perez


The MacGuffin Award for Lifetime Achievement

Sophie Borgenicht


Best Ensemble

Click, Clack Moo

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)


The Lion King



Via Dolorosa

The Audition

The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet

Politically Correct Bedtime Stories

Little Women

The Sound of Music