Orpheus – Character list

Below is a list of characters from John Rea’s new musical, Orpheus. The show has 2 sets of characters. One set appears in the Upper World and the other set appears in the Under World ruled by Hades. It recommended that actors interested in auditioning for the musical to review the myth of Orpheus and the story of The Golden Fleece (Jason and the Argonauts). Auditions will be held on Wednesday, September 12 from 6-8:30 PM for actors between the ages of 9 and 18.

In August recordings of the audition songs and the lyrics will appear in this News category so stay tuned. All roles are singing roles. Actors should be able to hold a harmony part. Most actors will play several parts. There will also be a dance audition directly following the vocal audition. There will be choreography by Joy Orlemann and direction by John Rea. The leading parts are Orpheus, Eurydice, Jason, Medea, Pythia, Melanthius and Hades. Supporting roles are Cedalion, Charon, Heroes of the Argo including Atalanta, Gaia, Selene, Phoebe, Persephone and Leucosia. Cameo parts are Young Orpheus, Oaegrus and Calliope.

Upper World
Orpheus – powerful singer of songs
Young Orpheus – 8 years old
Oaegrus – father of Orpheus
Cedalion – faithful servant of Orpheus
Melanthius – Sicyon’s King, father of Eurydice

Heroes of the Argo
Jason – captain and hero of the Argo
Telemon – the gambler
Peleus – the doubter
Pollux – the muscle
Castor – brother to Pollux,has younger brother syndrome
Argus – practical, builder of the Argo
Iphitos – man of science, best friends with Argus

Under World
Hades – king of the Under World
Charon – ferryman on the Styx

The Cursed Chorus
Tantalus – cursed with unbearable thirst and hunger
Zanthe – a gorgon
Sisyphus – cursed to push the boulder up the hill
Pirithous – cursed to the chair of forgetfulness
Prometheus – cursed for giving man fire
Ixion – cursed to hang on a wheel of fire

Atalanta, heroine of Argo, fastest runner of all time
Eurydice – maid of Sicyon, marries Orpheus
Medea – Jason’s wife, sorceress
Calliope – Orpheus’ mother
Phoebe – servant to Eurydice
Selene – servant to Eurydice
Gaia – servant to Eurydice
Pythia – oracle

Under World
Persephone – Queen of the Under World
Eurynomos – demon who eats the flesh of corpses

Sirens – destroyers of sailors
Leucosia – lead Siren

Furies – carry out the will of Hades

Chorus of townspeople, Sirens and hellions