Fall 2018

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Fall 2018 Schedule

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8 Weeks September 15 – November 3

Little Twisters (4-6 yrs)
4-4:45pm MONDAYS – Musical Theatre featuring Disney’s Frozen (starting September 10)

4-4:45pm TUESDAYS – Musical Theatre featuring Disney’s Frozen (starting September 11)
Instructors: John Rea and Emma Ditnes.
Let it go! Imaginations spring to life as you become Olaf, Anna and Elsa from Disney’s Frozen. Learn how to speak, sing and dance for an audience. Find your voice and build confidence as you learn to speak and sing clearly…all the way to the BACK ROW! Coordinate your body and create dance moves that reveal character. Memorize lines from a short scene and learn how to perform them. Songs include: In Summer, For the First Time in Forever, Let it Go and Fixer Upper. On the last day of class, October 29th at 4:30pm, there will be a performance of the songs and scene from the class; at the end, each actor will take their professional bow!



Youth (7-10 yrs)

9am Musical Theatre featuring songs from Wicked
Instructors: John Rea and Joy Orlemann
Defying Gravity is in your future! Try out your inner Broadway voice as you become Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero from Broadway’s Tony Award winning Wicked. You’ll learn to harmonize on For Good. Dancing Through Life will take your dancing skills to the next level. Popular will develop your acting and characterization skills. Defying Gravity will build and strengthen your voice. A must for building your musical theatre presence! We encourage students to perform one of these songs at our November Open Mic Night in front of an audience.

10am One Actor, One Spotlight
Instructor: Emma Ditnes
Need help finding a great monologue you can use for auditions? This class is designed for you. From our vast log of youth monologues, we’ll help you choose one that will show off what you can do. You’ll learn how to create a solo character, give that character an articulate voice, and find confidence in your unique character interpretation. Students are invited to present their monologues in front of a live audience on November 10 at 7 PM.

11am Pre Stage Combat
Instructor: Julia Hopkins
Stage combat is magic. It’s all about creating illusion. Learn to fall without hurting yourself. Take a slap on the face without being hit. Scream on cue when it looks like your hair is being pulled. Coordinate your body by hitting your marks and reacting in ways that will fool an audience. Scenes from plays and scenes you create will be used in class. If you like magic, this is the class for you!

1pm Comedy Improv
Instructor: Jen Jaynes
Making people laugh is one of the great joys in life. Get your funny on while you learn to create comedy on the spot, using simple suggestions and your own top-of-your-head responses. Comedy and the ability to bring humor to a situation serves you in every aspect of your life. We have a long tradition of creating comedy improv at MacGuffin, with our expert comedians performing in This Side Up Comedy Improv Troupe. This class is a perfect first step in learning how to work with partners, make up wacky jokes and characters, and test your limits…all while having a great time! If you like the tv show Whose Line is it Anyway, you can’t miss this class!


Middlers (11-14 yrs) & Teens (15-18 yrs)

8:45-10am Stage Combat
Instructor: Julia Hopkins
Ever wonder how actors fight on stage or in films? It’s all an illusion. No one gets hurt, but it looks like you do. Employing our stage swords, you will learn proper sword positions. Slowly but surely, a fight scene is choreographed. You will learn how to act aggressively while protecting your fight partner. With practice, the scene is sped up and the illusion of a fight is created. This class is highly recommended for those actors who wish to have guard or fighting roles in our spring production of Hamlet.

10-11:30am Production Class featuring Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Directed by John Rea; Choreography by Joy Orlemann.
A classic comedy, sure to take your comedy skills to the next level! Have sidesplitting fun as you join the Knights Who Say Ni, determine who is a witch, become the wacky knights of King Arthur in this hilarious adaptation of the film version of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. With tons of great parts, you’ll strengthen your skills in comic timing and learn how to make these comic characters come to life in song and dance. There will be a performance on Saturday, November 3 at 7 PM. Songs featured: The Knights of the Round Table, Brave Sir Robin, and the Monk’s Chant.

12pm Musical Theater featuring songs from Mean Girls
Instructors: John Rea and Joy Orlemann
You’ve seen the movie, right? Well, now it’s a hit Broadway musical…and you can play a part! Strengthen your confidence and musical theatre presence as you learn songs and dances from Mean Girls. Become Janis and Damian in Where Do You Belong? (as seen on the 2018 Tony Awards), Regina in Someone Gets Hurt, the Plastics in Meet the Plastics and Cady in Stupid in Love. Learn to project your voice, take your dance moves to the next level, and interpret these fantastic rock and roll songs as only you can.

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Tuition: $200 per 8-week class. Production class tuition is $250.



Most classes are 1 hour in length. Exceptions:
Monty Python Production Class  (1 hour, 30 minutes)
– Middler/Teen Stage Combat class (1 hour, fifteen minutes)
– Little Twister Classes (45 minutes)

Tuition will NOT be refundable after the 1st week of classes.

Our email address is info@macguffintf.com

Classes are held at: The Adrienne 2030 Sansom Street, 2nd floor, Philadelphia, PA 19103.

A limited number of scholarships and work/studys are available for MacGuffin classes on a financial need basis. Learn More