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Fall 2020 Online Schedule

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8 Weeks of Virtual Online Classes from September 12 – November 8
No classes on September 19, 20 or 28.

Little Twisters
4-4:45pm MONDAYS – Musical Theatre featuring Disney’s Frozen 2 (starting September 14)
Ages 5-6 ONLY   
No class on Monday, September 28. Last class on November 9.

4-4:45pm TUESDAYS – Musical Theatre featuring Disney’s Frozen 2 (starting September 15)
Ages 6-7 ONLY

Instructor: Emma Ditnes.
Welcome to the Enchanted Forest! Imaginations spring to life as you become Olaf, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and more from Disney’s hit film musical, Frozen 2. Learn how to speak, sing and dance for an audience. Find your voice and build confidence as you learn to speak and sing clearly…all the way to the BACK ROW! Coordinate your body and create dance moves that reveal character. Also dive into dialogue and character development as you learn how to memorize lines and  conform your body and voice to fit the scene. Songs include: When I Am Older, The Next Right Thing and Reindeer(s) are Better Than People. There will be a virtual performance of the songs and scenes from the class on the last day of class, November 3rd (Tuesday) and 9th (Monday), at 4:30pm; at the end, each actor will take their professional bow! 


Youth (7-10 yrs)

9am Musical Theatre featuring songs from Frozen 2
Ages 7-10
Instructor: John Rea
Journey into the Enchanted Forest! Try out your inner Broadway voice as you become Olaf, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and more from Disney’s hit film musical, Frozen 2. You’ll learn how to create an audio recording.  We’ll edit your vocal recording to match the accompaniment. You’ll get to take your dancing skills to the next level. When I Am Older will develop your comic acting and characterization skills. Into the Unknown will build and strengthen your voice. Develop your characterization skills on Some Things Never Change. A must for building your musical theatre presence! We encourage students to perform one of these songs at our November Open Mic Night in front of a Zoom audience.

10:30am NEW! Playing all the Parts
Ages 7-10

Instructor: Tina Lynch
This class will challenge you play all the parts in a scene. Actors will learn how to jump into the shoes of up to 5 characters and play the scene from their various points of view. We’ll teach you how to record your scene and we’ll edit all the parts together to see how it all fits together to create something truly unique. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your acting to the next level.

12pm NEW! Comedy Class
Instructor: Jen Jaynes
Everybody can be funny! Discover how to make your scene hilarious by learning to expand and exaggerate your performance. We’ll help you master making bold and quirky choices for your scene work. We’ll be working with original and established comic sketches. We’ll record the final session and email it to you so you can share it with your family and friends.

1:30pm From Page to Zoom: Act by Kayla Miller
Ages 9-10 ONLY

Instructor: Emma Ditnes
Let’s take scenes from classic books and bring them to life! Act is a graphic novel by Kayla Miller and it follows Olive, who is excited to start sixth grade: new teachers, new experiences, and a field trip to the big city with her best buds! But when Olive finds out that a school policy is keeping some kids from going on the trip, she decides to act. She’s prepared to do whatever it takes to be heard—even if it means running against Trent and Sawyer, two of her closest friends, in the student council election! With intense campaign competition and emotions running high, can Olive make a big change and keep her friends? New York Times bestselling author-illustrator Kayla Miller crafts a genuine and inspiring story about evolving friendships, supportive family, and finding out that you—yes, you —have the power to make a difference.” You will practice the building blocks of acting such as memorization and projecting your voice, but your confidence as an actor will really grow as you explore what it means to create fully formed, three dimensional characters! We will record performances from the final session for you to share with your family and friends.


Middlers (11-14 yrs) & Teens (15-18 yrs)

10am Film Acting
Ages 11-18

Instructors: John Rea and Colin Borden (MacGuffin Alum and director of our production of The 13 Clocks)
This is the perfect time to learn about film acting technique! Every actor needs to learn how to calibrate their performance to play on the silver screen. This class will feature film professionals who will speak about acting secrets and tips when on location and how to create a reel for auditions. Actors will also learn how to film their part of the scene so that it can be edited together with your scene partner. We’ll premiere the edited scene during class so that actors can see from a behind the scenes angle.  All filmed scenes can be emailed to each of the actors if they wish.

11:30am Musical Theater: Classic to Contemporary
Ages 11-18
Instructor: John Rea
You love musicals, right? Well, join us for this engaging and fun journey from the beginning of  musical theatre history stretching all the way until today’s Broadway shows. Strengthen your confidence and musical theatre presence as you learn songs and dances from Oklahoma!, Damn Yankees, Pippin and The Band’s Visit. Learn to project your voice, take your dance moves to the next level, and interpret these fantastic songs as only you can.

1pm Comedy Improv
Ages 11-18 

Instructor: Jen Jaynes
Making people laugh is one of the great joys in life. Get your funny on while you learn to create comedy on the spot, using simple suggestions and your own top-of-your-head responses. Comedy and the ability to bring humor to a situation serves you in every aspect of your life. We have a long tradition of creating comedy improv at MacGuffin, with our expert comedians performing in This Side Up Comedy Improv Troupe. This class is a perfect first step in learning how to work with partners, make up wacky jokes and characters, and test your limits…all while having a great time! If you like the tv show Whose Line is it Anyway, you can’t miss this class!


12pm NEW! Martial Arts for the Actor
Ages 11-18
Instructor: Julia Hopkins
Take your movement skills to the next level. Learn striking technique. Each student will find their individual physicality. Get comfortable in your body. Your body is your instrument, so find power in how you use it. You’ll make video recordings of your work. For the final performance Julia will choreograph individual strikes and blows for each student and edit the videos together as a mass brawl.

2-4pm NEW Class! 16 weeks over the Fall and Winter semesters! Life and the Social Situation: African American Cultural Representation in Theatre
TEENS (ages 13-18) ONLY
Instructors: Liz Fredette & Devon Sinclair

“The theatre was created to tell people the truth about life and the social situation.” – Stella Adler

Adler was well aware that by telling the truth we, theatre artists and makers, wield a great power for change. For a long time people were informed about life and society through the word and performances. While we now have a variety of ways in which we learn news and hear stories, theatre continues to be an opportunity to illustrate experiences in a more personal and detailed fashion. Now is a crucial moment in time to take stock of whose truth is being told and who is being represented in the messaging.

Our goal is to more deeply examine and relate to others whose life and social situation are outside of our own daily experience using the powerful educational medium of theatre. In this particular course we will explore the stories and experiences of Black theatre and film artists. We will read and discuss plays and musicals with support from other mediums including poetry, essays, and news articles related to the topics of race, identity, culture to find connections, understanding, and empathy for those who are often overlooked. Additionally, students will be assigned scenes and monologues from these works (and regardless of their race and gender) to workshop, within the class setting only.

Throughout the course of the class we will invite special guests to join us for discussion. All reading materials will be paid for and/or provided by MacGuffin.

This class will meet once a week for two eight-week sessions (September 13 – November 8 AND  January 17 – March 7). NO CLASS on September 20 and between November 9 and January 16.

***This sixteen-week class is the first of an ongoing series of classes titled Life and the Social Situation. We will explore different themes and focuses each season.

If you have questions in advance of registering for this class, please email



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Tuition: $200 per 8-week class. Life and the Social Situation tuition is $500.


This video will take students through how to set up their virtual space for classes and productions. MacGuffin Virtual Space Video

Most classes are 1 hour in length. Exceptions:
– Life and the Social Situation  (2 hours)
– Little Twister Classes (45 minutes)

All students will be emailed the Zoom link for each of their classes. This link will be used for all 8 weeks.

Tuition will NOT be refundable after the 1st week of classes.

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