Hairspray 2008


Special note about this production
During the summer of 2008 for the Teen Musical Theatre Camp MacGuffin produced the popular musical, Hairspray. As the Artistic Director/Director, I made several theatrical choices that were racially insensitive, including the use of signage/labels to indicate characters of different races and body types. The camp didn’t have the racial or physical requirements to appropriately cast the production and I tried to make the show about those labels. This was a mistake. I take full responsibility for these decisions and completely and wholeheartedly apologize to the cast, crew and the audience who came to see our performance. While I would never make those choices now, it’s important to recognize that hurt can linger far beyond that time and this note is one of many steps MacGuffin and I are making to strive to heal the wounds that were made and become better leaders and artists. I recognize that these words are not enough. If you were personally affected by the production or are a cast member, I invite a conversation. Please email me at to begin.

John Rea
Artistic Director
September 2020


Directed by John Rea
Lyrics by Marc Shaiman & ScottWittman
Music by Marc Shaiman
Choreography by Sarah Bonner
“Miss Baltimore Crabs” Choreography by Annie Westphal

Michaela ShuchmanTracy Turnblad
Everett Mason
Edna Turnblad
Sam SchotlandWilbur Turnblad
Ben HorwitzLink Larkin
Meredith BrandtPenny Pingleton
Taylor WisorSaeweed J. Stubbs
Allison BoyleMotormouth Maybelle
Kevin CulpCorny Collins
Annie WestphalVelma Von Tussle
Emily FeathermanAmber Von Tussle
Isabel RieserLittle Inez
Susannah HolubPrudy Pingleton
Aidan RyanMr. Pinky
Jenny RuymanJudine (Dynamites)
Rachel BargKamillah (Dynamites)
Kelsey VonkShayna (Dynamites)
Alissa BeckettCouncil and Chorus
Dan CasulloCouncil and Chorus
Michelle DanoffCouncil and Chorus
Julia HopkinsCouncil and Chorus
Jessica MargolisCouncil and Chorus
David McNamaraCouncil and Chorus
Sara PattersonCouncil and Chorus
Sarah SchiefflinCouncil and Chorus
Phoebe Van AllenCouncil and Chorus
Alex WhiteCouncil and Chorus
Brooke WhiteCouncil and Chorus

July, 2008
Plays & Players Theatre